Mystical Massages and Rituals

Take a journey with us to the magical East, to ancient cultures and exotic tropical lands! Feel how your body, soul and mind are filled with vital force through ancient Indian ayurvedic treatments. Discover the sensual smoothness of chocolate, soy and honey. Enjoy the rustling of the bamboo grove, the warm touch of Eastern oils, the vitalizing force of spicy fruits, and submerge yourself in the velvety fizz of the Turkish baths. Let yourself be embraced by the ancient secret, the sensuality of tropical islands, and relive the excitement of the unknown.

Chakra Dharma - The Vibration of Chakra Energy

When heated lava stones are applied onto the Chakra points of the body, they release and transmit relaxing energies of well-being.

The power of the stones is combined with the ayurvedic massage: slow and warming movements which relax and calm, relieving tensions of body and mind, with an extraordinary harmonizing and rebalancing effect.

90 minutes

19900 HUF

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Pindasweda – Dance of the 5 Elements

Pindasweda, a very ancient ayurvedic treatment based on the therapeutical application of heat and of selected natural active ingredients (herbs and essential oils). It is indicated in particular to treat arthritis, osteoarthritis, stiff and swollen joints. It is a very special and beneficial aromatic massage that re-balances energies, de-toxifies, soothes inflammations, relaxes and purifies; to contrast fat and cellulite. Potali (bundles) are cotton bundles filled with substances and active ingredients of natural origin, prepared in varying proportions and typologies, according to the Dosha (Vata - Pitta - Kapha) to be re-balanced.

60 minutes

17900 HUF

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Loka Sodi – The Path of the Zodiac

The flames of Ritual Candles radiate four sumptuous essences, each one corresponding to the elements of the signs of the Zodiac. The massage will turn into a new delightful experience. Almond oil, Coconut oil and Shea butter: the finest gifts from nature enclosed in a candle to take care of the body. The candle’s flames melt these splendid and selected substances which, through the massage, have nourishing, toning and intensely hydrating effects on the skin.

60 minutes

16900 HUF

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Shirodhara – The Awakening of the Inner Eye

Shirodhara is an ancient wellness treatment, a true anti-stress gift from Indian ayurvedic therapy.

In Sanscrit language, „Shir” means head and „Dara” means flow: as a matter of fact, Shirodhara is the slow dripping of a constant flow of warm oil in our forehead, the „third eye”. Bound together with a delicate head massage, clears the head. It acts to alleviate accumulated stress with a deep relaxation, improving perceptiveness of the senses and appeasing anxiety, stress, concentration difficulties and insomnia; it helps to improve sigh, memory, and circulation.

Shirodhara means switching off the mind and turning on the senses.

30 minutes

13900 HUF

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Abhayanga– The Queen of Massages

An Ayurvedic ancient massage with heated herbal oil to experience harmony and balance between You and the world around You.

The ritual begins with the stimulation of Marma points (nerves points) initiating the process of energy flow. The touch and movements of Abhayanga massage follow the path of energy channels to calm Your mind, strengthen your immune system, harmonize the functioning of organs and improves muscle recovery and flexibility.

75 minutes

19900 HUF

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Indian Sunset

A harmonizing combination of three treatments to help You focusing and turning attention inward to your mind, to your needs, to your desires, to something very precious: attention and love towards Yourself. The Indian body scrub with aromatic ingredients of seeds, herbs, spices and sweet almond oil is followed by Abhayanga and Shirodhara massages. All in your service to refresh the body and relieve the mind from negative thoughts.

120 minutes

35900 HUF

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